Running Time:  22 Minutes



Hal Lindes


Arranged & Performed by:

Hal Lindes


John Mackswith


London, England
Todd A-0 Studios, Los Angeles

The Film:

A young doctor, Owen Springer (Green) applies for a surgery position at a Manchester hospital, only to be romantically distracted by the hiring consultant, Anna Fairley (Annis), who is beautiful, sophisticated, and, unfortunately, married to one of the supervising doctors. The attraction turns out to be mutual, and the two begin a torrid affair. Madly in love, Owen decides to expose Anna's husband for the adulterer he is, thus winning Anna for himself. A cheerfully lurid soap opera that is darkly humorous and blessed with a rapier wit, RECKLESS is a superior melodrama.

Starring Robson Green  |  Francesca Annis  |  Michael Kitchen
Directed by David Richards
Written by Paul Abbott



  1. Reckless
  2. Answer Machine
  3. Anna & Owen
  4. Chasing Anna
  5. Reckless – Variation No. 1
  6. Wallpaper
  7. Philosophy
  8. Sad Anna
  9. Reckless – Variation No. 2
  10. Getting Away
  11. Had To Go
  12. Daybreak
  13. Proud Of You
  14. Anna’s Briefcase
  15. Reckless – Variation No. 3